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ChiroFlow Water Pillows             chiroflowwaterpillow.jpg

Your search for the perfect pillow is finally over.  ChiroFlow water pillows are the answer you've been looking for.  Customize your own pillow by filling it up with as much or as little water as you need to insure  a great night's sleep and the best support for your spine.  Only $70 for sweet dreams forever. You deserve it.  View for more details or call 864-583-3967 or email [email protected] to order today.



We make a computer scan of your feet to see where your arches (you have 3) are falling or are too high.  Then we have you a custom-made pair of shoe inserts within a few days. You must have a good foundation for you posture to be proper.  These can help.  Visit for more information.  Prices vary per product. Call 864-583-3967 or email [email protected] to order today.


Biofreeze                               biofreeze.jpg

One of the best topical analgesics on the market.  A great "icy-hot" gel to be used on sore and achy muscles.  We sell tubes and roll-ons. Prices vary.  Call 864-583-3967 or email [email protected] to order today.

Hot/Cold Packs

Microwaveable and Freezable these conforming gel packs are ideal to have at home for after a long day at work, in the yard, or in the gym. Also great relief for certain injuries and headaches.  Simply keep in the freezer for cold therapy.  Microwave for about one minute for moist heat therapy.  Prices vary from $15-$20 depending on size. Call 864-583-3967 or email [email protected] to order today.***Caution:  Microwaving too long or leaving pack on your body for too long can cause burns.  We are not held responsible for injury if it occurs.  Use caution and common sense!!!