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Supportive Services

The Rebuilder

Treatment for pain, burning and numbness in feet, legs, arms, and hands. If you have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy or are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, this machine may be great for you. Call 864-583-3967 today and schedule your complimentary consultation. Visit for more information. The treatment lasts for about 30 minutes and is recommended at least 3 times per week for one month.  Cost is $30/session.



Ion Detox

Toxins in our bodies carry a positive electronic charge and can cause major damage to vital organs and processes.  The best way to help our bodies heal is to rid it of as many toxins as possible on a consistent basis.  There are many ways to do this from simply eating more raw fruits and vegetables and eating more taking herbs to cleanse your body.  Now there is another way.  Developed by Asian scientists, this process draws toxins from your blood stream out throught the pores in your feet.  You've got to experience this to believe it. First visit is free.  Packages of ten treatments for $200.



Foot Levelers

Without the proper, level foundation, any building can crumble.  So how about you?  When you stand, walk, and exercise are your feet helping you or hurting you?  Fallen or arches that are too high can cause serious damage to your posture which can lead to unnecessary pain.  Our computerized scanning process pinpoints areas where you need better support when on your feet.  We then order you a custom-made shoe insert to help improve your posture which will help quicken your healing time and improve your job and/or athletic performance.  Visit for more information.