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Auto Accidents

Spartanburg Auto Accident Victims Receive Non-Invasive, Natural Pain Relief

Auto accidents are one of the most traumatic events your body can experience. During an accident, serious damage may be done to your musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, much of the damage to your spine and soft tissues is not evident until weeks, or even months, after the auto accident.

If you have been in an accident and suffer from neck pain, back pain, sciatica, migraines, or other sources of pain, our skilled chiropractors, Dr. OSullivan or Dr. Gantt, can help your body to recover and regain mobility.

Auto Accident Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care Helps Spartanburg Patients Heal

Following an auto accident, many patients receive a prescription for painkillers from their medical doctor. While this medication can temporarily relieve back pain, neck pain and headaches, painkillers cannot correct the underlying cause of this pain. In fact, the longer patients wait to receive chiropractic care following an accident, the more serious many injuries become. Your body will naturally try to heal itself, which can lead to the formation of scar tissue and more pain. The safest way to manage pain and recover is through chiropractic care.

Whiplash is the most common injury suffered by auto accident victims. During a car accident, the collision impact can "whip" the neck backward and forward. This causes damage to the cervical spine, as well as soreness and stiffness of the surrounding soft tissues.

Months, and even years, after an accident, whiplash suffers can still experience chronic neck pain, migraines, difficulty concentrating, and other problems. Chiropractic care, such as cervical spinal adjustments, can restore alignment to your body and relieve neck pain - no prescription medication required!

Many car accident victims also suffer from a herniated disc and lower back pain. When a disc slips out of alignment, it may put pressure on nearby nerves. This can be extremely painful, especially if the disc puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, which causes sciatica. Sciatica is characterized by shooting pain and numbness in the lower back, buttocks and legs.

Here at Ivey OSullivan Health Care Services PA, our chiropractors are proud to offer the latest in neck, middle and low back pain relief.
Our chiropractor may also recommend trigger point therapy as a complementary treatment for chiropractic care. After an auto accident, our muscles shorten and tighten due to altered patterns of movement in response to soft tissue injuries. Trigger point therapy relieves the tiny contractions in our muscles and tissues that cause pain, and restores flexibility and a full range of motion to our muscles.

Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain or migraines, our chiropractors can help you manage this pain naturally without medication. Don't delay - visit our Spartanburg wellness center today! Call us at 864-583-3967 today.